Thursday, June 17, 2010

Moo Maven 2010

Jamboree starts when you pick up your registrations packet and name tag. This year there was a slight change to my name and it kept the GeneaBloggers entertained for some time. Take a look. Oh, and you can call me "n" footnoteMave "n."

Paula tried to get it back, but I love it and I think I'll request it next year.

One of my favorite activities at Jamboree is to create a unique business card and to collect the cards of other geneabloggers and businesses. Here are a few examples of this year's creative crop.


This year's Moo Maven is a replica of a Carte-de-visite.
It was a lot of fun to create.
It's a Moo Business Card with the corners rounded
to simulate the old card look.

Miriam - AnceStories opted for
a Moo Mini this year.
It's adorable!

Denise Levenick - The Family Curator
designed her own and it's so clever.
(Street addresses & phone numbers have been redacted.)
Denise used both the front and the back of her card.

Denise's Mother Suzanne
also had her own contact cards.
I didn't get one - Sniff!
Another winner - You can see it here.
I'll be faster next year.

Gini Webb - Ginisology
also created her own.
Simply Beautiful!
Gini's keeping up the search!

Becky Wiseman - kinexxions
This card had beautiful gold leaf.
Becky tells me she purchased the paper
and just printed. Nice job!

A.C. Ivory - Find My Ancestor
has a clean modern genealogy design.
A.C. also used both sides of his card.
(Street addresses & phone numbers have been redacted.)


Kathryn Doyle - California Ancestors
has one of the best society cards and URLs out there.
I love the negative space society logo.


myHeritage individualizes each employee's card
by placing one of that person's old family photos
on the back. A great idea!

Now attached to all those Jamboree name tags were ribbons. There was an amazing collection of ribbons from geneabloggers and exhibitors. Here is mine; most are self-explanatory.

And a very special Thank You to Thomas MacEntee, the heart and soul of GeneaBloggers. I can not tell you how many times I was stopped and someone commented that they could tell a GeneaBlogger by their beads.

Oh, one last thing; my tiara, the Princess Grace from Some recognized me, others stopped to ask the significance. It was a conversation piece.

Next year there will be a Tiara competition. Thomas tells us he knows the secret. It has to do with drag queens and welding. I can't wait until next year. Will we see you there?