Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 40 Best Genealogy Blogs - Ah!

Diane Haddad of the Insider Blog at Family Tree Magazine commented on the original footnoteMaven article "The 40 Best Genealogy Blogs - Hmmm!" and posted a new Insider article clarifying the Family Tree Top 40 process. Here is my understanding of the steps into how the "list" of Family Tree Top 40 will be compiled:

1 - Genealogy community nominates from Sept. 3 to 30.

a. Nominate yourself

b. Nominate others

c. Nominate as many as you like as long as one at a time. (Does not clarify how often you may vote for yourself or others.)

d. Blog must related to family history in some way

e. No predetermined limit to how many nominees will be included in voting. (See 2 e. & 2f. below)

2 - Family Tree disqualifies, eliminates and categorizes

a. Disqualify nomination if:

* It isn’t primarily about genealogy.

* The blogger doesn’t post original content (for example, if he/she simply aggregates feeds from other blogs).

* The blog is no longer updated, or does not post new content on a regular basis (say, at least once a week).

b. Eliminate nomination if:

* Lack of post Quality (Rampant misspellings and poor language)

* Paid services blogs used primarily as a marketing tool

* Blogs consisting strictly of advertising content

c. Categories created after nominations, disqualifications and eliminations

d. No predetermined limit to how many nominees will be included in voting

e. Blogs receiving one or a few nominations won't be kept out of the voting (Provided they meet the above)

f. Being nominated many times will probably indicate a blog many people are reading

3 - Genealogy community votes from Oct. 5 to Nov. 5.

a. 80 top vote-getting blogs make it through to a “final” round

b. Voting alone won’t determine which blogs are featured in the Family Tree Top 40

4 - Family Tree names the Top 40 blogs from the Top 80 blogs

a. Editorial staff will select 40 blogs from list of 80 top vote-getting blogs

Family Tree Magazine has created a new graphic for those who wish to foster a sense of community in the nomination process.

Again, thank you Family Tree Magazine for embarking on an endeavor to recognize the growing segment of the genealogy community that blogs about genealogy and family history.

Let's see our favorite genealogy blogs in
Family Tree Magazine May 2010.


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