Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Citation Goddess - Elizabeth Shown Mills - Weighs In

"Thanks for your call for standardization of source citations within our field, a goal that would reduce the angst of many researchers.

May I clarify one point in your quote from Mark? (I.e., “There are many citation tools like Zotero, NoodleBib, EndNote, RefWorks, and EasyBib. Maybe we can approach them as a genealogy community and encourage them to support EE-style which as I understand it is an extension of Turabian.")

EE follows the Chicago Manual of Style’s “humanities style,” rather than Turabian. Of course, CMOS and Turabian are both products of the University of Chicago Press. However, Turabian is a style and citation guide aimed at college students, who may or may not go on to do serious research. CMOS is a vast expansion of Turabian, designed for mature researchers, rather than students.

EE follows the basic principles in CMOS’s two “documentation” chapters (Chaps. 16–17, pp. 593–754, in the 15th edition), extending them to the myriad of original record types that CMOS does not cover. And, of course, EE also demonstrates specific history and genealogy applications of the source types—mostly published ones—that CMOS does cover.

The source of Mark’s “understanding,” may be the fact that the first citation article I published (way back in 1978 for the Genealogical Helper, when I was a student) was based on Turabian."


The genealogical community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Elizabeth Shown Mills. While we struggle to format one citation, she has worked tirelessly to produce thousands for our benefit.

I hope standardization and online tools for formating citations are in our near future. If they are, it will be in no small part due to her efforts.


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EndNote has a "suggestion box" for requesting "output styles. See:
Is this a place to start?

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