Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Carnival's In Town


The word prompt for the 13th Edition of Smile For The Camera is All Creatures Great And Small. You'll find it very interesting how each submission interpreted this word prompt. Six countries represented their creatures, great and small. One thing is certain, the love and care that each of you and your ancestors lavished on your "great and small creatures" is universal. The posts were the bitter with the sweet. You'll enjoy them all, I did.

Also, a glitch with Blog Carnival left two of the participants standing outside the tent with their ticket in hand. It's two posts too good to miss.

Alana Farrell of A Twig In My Tree, shows us some darling photos of Prince and tells us his beautiful story. His talents were many and his love for his family unquestionable. "Prince wasn't just a dog, he was the baby brother I never had," Alana tells us.

The Dog That Swam The Pond, Maybe; is Linda Hughes Hiser's missing submission for Smile. On her site, Flipside, she displays three photographs of a very loved family dog(s). Two ca. 1890's and one ca. 1907 or later. The two earlier clearly showing a dog who knows how to Smile For The Camera. But are they the same dog?


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