Monday, August 18, 2008

Bob Franks Latest Blurbarian

Recently I updated my original article on using Blurb for writing your family history with Are You Blurbing?

Bob Franks of Itawamba Historical Review wrote that he was also trying Blurb and had this to offer:

I downloaded the software and played around with it. One thing I like about the software is you can print a proof copy of the book you are working on. I simply printed to a PDF file. The software offers some nice templates also. I've already created a 40-page 8x10 landscape sized book and ordered it Monday. I ordered just two copies to see how they turn out and if I am pleased will order more.

Today Bob received his Blurb published book carefully wrapped in bubble-wrap and packed in a sturdy box. The book was ordered August 3 and shipped August 12, it arrived UPS Ground this afternoon.

Bob is extremely pleased. He writes that the cover is a heavy stock glossy paper with semi-gloss pages on the inside. Of the quality Bob says:

It simply looks like a professionally produced book. They did an extremely good job. My first book was a 40-page book of photographs, softbound 8x10 landscape sized book. I will probably order a hardbound copy of the book now as they have the book already uploaded.

Here is a photo of the cover and another of Bob's beautiful photographs inside the book.

The Cover

Some of Bob Franks Photographs
In A Place Called Home
Itawamba County, Mississippi

Thank you so much Bob for taking the time to update all those interested in publishing their family histories with Blub. This cinches it for me. I will soon be a Blurbarian.



Blogger Hue Reviews said...

That is great! I intend on doing a Blurb book for my personal family pictures and my family genealogy also. I've already downloaded the software but don't have enough to publish anything as of yet. good to know that it looks so good.

August 19, 2008 at 6:28 PM  

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