Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Photo Detective Adds A Chapeau

I'll See You And Raise You Two

Maureen Taylor of the Photo Detective Blog has joined in the Hatcapades of "I'll See You And Raise You Two," with a lovely French chapeau.

Maureen features this beauty in a video on her blog called "Solved by the Photo Detective." You can watch the video on her website or on Roots Television. The hat is prominently featured on a carte de viste of a woman from Macon, France.

Take a look! You'll enjoy the video and the hat, it's the third photograph in the series.

Thank you for joining in with the fun Maureen!

Links To All The Blogs That Participated:

footnoteMaven - I'll See You And Raise You Two
Laura - The Virtual Dime Museum - From The Ministry of Silly Hats
Jasia - Creative Gene - I'm In And I'll Double
Thomas - Destination Austin Family - I'll Throw My Hat In The Ring
Maureen Taylor - The Photo Detective - Hat Attack
Becky Wiseman - kinexxions - A Tip Of The Hat
Donna Pointkouski - What's Past is Prologue - Hats Off


Note: Now I've seen hats like Maureen's many times before; but it was in college, after a few drinks, and they were previously on a lamp.


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