Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something Old ~ Something New


I have added a new feature on Shades Of The Departed called Twice Told Tuesday. Each Tuesday a photography related article will be reprinted from my collection of old photography books and magazines.

This week's Twice Told Tuesday is in honor of Women's History Month. I am reprinting an article told 92 years ago in The Amateur Photographer's Weekly, February 4, 1916. The Local Manipulation column does a tongue in cheek discussion of why women should take up photography. The cartoons have been added from The Amateur Photographer's Weekly of June 16, 1916.

Think of all the perfectly good space there is in many women's minds today that isn't filled by anything. If this space could be filled with photographic ideas, the other ideas wouldn't rattle around and bump into each other so much.

~ Quote From The Article ~


I've added a new section to my sidebar called commentsOn. I've found that the comments of those who read this blog are often far more interesting than my articles, so I've added a link to some of those sterling comments. It is based on the same html premise as the footnotes in my Time and Chance Family History Book.

Note: Let me know if you have any interest in how this is done, I'll be glad to share.



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