Friday, October 19, 2007

"Come Blogging"

The footnoteMaven is a member of Seattle's Museum of History and Industry's Nearby History Seminar for Researchers and Writers for ten weeks this fall.

There are 15 participants writing on a myriad of subjects and formats, from journal articles, and books to documentaries.

Last week we had an extremely interesting discussion lead by Gary Luke, the publisher of Sasquatch Books.

Sasquatch Books is the publisher of books for and from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and California and is considered the nation's premier regional press. Sasquatch defines its region as the magnificent area that stretches from the Brooks Range to the Gulf of California and from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Gary told us that when they consider an author for publication Sasquatch expects that author to "come blogging." The editors want to have a sense of who will want to read the proposed book, and to know whether or not the author has an audience. Blogs have certainly come a long way and are now considered a serious medium by publishers and a measure of an author's worth.

He went on to explain that they are looking for an author who has created a focused blog. One that sets him/her apart as a dedicated expert in the field with a loyal following.

This dovetails nicely with two articles I just read written by Lorelle on WordPress entitled Blog Struggles: The Blog Focus and Blog Struggles: Why Should Your Blog Have a Focus. Lorelle explains the reasons for focus:

-- It establishes you as an expert.
-- It creates a consistent flow of information and content.
-- The blog and you become a source for information, not just a link.
-- Increased incoming referrer links and increased likelihood of being blogged about, not just linked to.
-- Like attracts like.

The same reasons discussed by Gary Luke.

So, if you are looking to publish or be published, I suggest you take Gary's advice and "come blogging" with the help of Lorelle's very timely articles.

Hope to see you in the bookstores, and I don't mean just buying!



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