Monday, September 10, 2007

Games Magazine Cover Article on Forensic Genealogy Photo Quizzes

I just received an email from Colleen Fitzpatrick, the Forensic Genealogist, regarding the world of genealogy branching out into some new and interesting territory.

This month's Games Magazine cover article features Forensic Genealogy photo quizzes. Colleen's photo quizzes are like Lay's potato chips, you can't do just one.

The article includes photos and quotes submitted by friends and quizmasters: Mary Frazer, Gwen Upton, Joe Bott (of, Elaine Hebert, Emily Aulicino, Andy Yeiser, Paul and Carolyn Vermeulen, Beth D. Mendel, and David Adamovich (aka The Great Throwdini).

Games Magazine, the magazine for creative minds at play, is published by Kappa Publishing Co. and is available on magazine racks and bookstores everywhere. Including my favorites, Barnes and Noble and Borders.

Check it out and congratulations Colleen!


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