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Lillian E. Salter - PS 69 - January 31, 1912

Certificate of Graduation

Lillian E. Salter

Lillian E. Salter, my grandmother, was the only child of Louis Salter, the Superintendent of Carnegie Hall. She graduated from Public School 69, an elementary school, on January 31, 1912. You can see her graduation certificate above.

Lillian shared the same penchant for collecting autographs as did her father. Upon her graduation, Lillian collected the autographs of her fellow classmates in a small autograph book left to me by my mother.

The sentiments reflect the times - a kinder, gentler time. I am fortunate to have the autograph book and would love to find the descendants of some of those who signed, so that they could have a copy of what their ancestor wrote. If you are a descendant, please email the footnoteMaven, and I will gladly send you a digital copy of what was written.

A Page From Her Autograph Book

To Lillian
When twilight draws her curtain,
And pins it with a star,
Remember that you have a friend,
Though she may wander far,
Your loving friend,
Bella Kaufmann

In the paths of life,
If you need an umbrella,
May you have to uphold it,
A handsome young fellow.
Sincerely yours,
Muriel G. Hewitt
(coming to lunch)

To Lillian:
Never forget the fellow that
played center on 69 Basketball
Team - And the battles won.
Daniel Long
P.S. 69
(one of only two male classmates who signed)

Lillian's female classmates:

Rebecca C. Beuowitz
Esther Burll
Violet Heaslip
Elizabeth Lucey
Alice Sangster
Bella Kaufmann
Mary Cepriano
Amy Huston
Marian Manley
Jovita Weehas
Agnes Bahr
Frances Cohen
Marguerite Kerr
May McGuiness
Lottie Wendel
Edna Boyce
Alice Doyle
Nellie Savin
Hellen Moore
Ottilie Sensmig
Agnes Brownw
Marion Eiter
Esther Lieberman
Martha Prevot
Susan Haight
Marion A. Smith
Ida Bennett

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Blogger Lee said...

Such sweet sentiments! Definitely from a different era.

May 2, 2007 at 4:02 PM  
Blogger Lillie Ammann said...

Enjoyed the story about Lillian - of course, since that's my full name, I'm partial to anyone with that name:-)

May 3, 2007 at 11:16 PM  

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